BTCFix is a simple and safe currency exchange method at a favorable rate.

Our mission is to provide cryptocurrency to everyone with minimum risk. We take care of the security of each transaction
and guarantee maximum transaction speed of it.

Our Offers

BTCFix – Safe crypto exchange. With it you will no longer worry about security. Quick and easy transactions. And if something goes wrong, our technical support specialists are always ready to help you. We take a 1.7% fee (not including processing fees) for your each deposit.

Cryptocurrency is the future of finance, and BTCFix is a convenient tool for integrating crypto transactions in daily life.

Why should I choose BTCFix?

Fast transaction execution

You can buy crypto in a few clicks with fast transaction execution.

Safe and secure payments

With BTCFix, you can securely buy and exchange crypto, all in one place.

in fees

No hidden fees whatsoever, what you
see is what you receive.

24/7 customer

We are always ready to solve all your issues in the shortest period of time

How BTCFix works?

Just five simple steps:


User selects to buy crypto with credit/debit card


User is redirected to our integrated interface for checkout


User selects type and amount of crypto and enters payment details


User uploads personal information for identity verification purposes


BTCFix verifies the transaction details and executes the payment

Welcome to one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms
in the world

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